Normal Conducting Linac Technology (LTECNC)

Coordinator : Gilbert Guignard (CERN)

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ELAN is the European Network on Electron Accelerators, part of the CARE (Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe) project which intends to coordinate all European resources to perform an active R&D on European particle accelerators and test facilities. ELAN is formed by the collaboration of 50 institutes from twelve countries. It comprises CERN and DESY, the two largest centres in Accelerator Physics in Europe, as well as the major centres which are involved in the effort in view of a Global Linear Collider. It also comprises new groups from medium size laboratories and universities which are active in the field of instrumentation, a major asset for these future machines. ELAN also intends to look into new techniques of acceleration which requires a good coordination between accelerator experts and laser/plasma specialists. The ELAN coordinator is F. Richard.

CARE was approved in 2003 in the framework of FP6, therefore providing the necessary resources, in the case of ELAN travel money, to start the work. A detailed description of ELAN can be found on the ESGARD home page. ELAN will work in tight connection with two related Joint Research Activities of CARE: the JRA (Joint Research Activities) on a photo-injector (PHIN) and the JRA on supra-conductivity.

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8 août, 2006