Normal Conducting Linac Technology (LTECNC)

Coordinator : Gilbert Guignard (CERN)

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General Introduction about LTECNC

The goals of this work-package are:

  • Understanding the two-beam technique as a solution for producing RF power at frequencies beyond those at which high-power klystrons are presently available.
  • Understand the gradient limits of NC structures associated with dark current, RF break-down, surface field and structure geometry.
  • Gain experience on NC structure engineering.
  • Improvement of the present test facility used for beam manipulation, structure prototype powering, and equipment tests, and suggestions of other applications.
  • Identify the points, which are common to all NC and LC linear colliders gathering the efforts on these topics.

The specific topics identified are:

  • Study of high gradient accelerating structures
  • Power transfer structures
  • RF power sources
  • R&D on drive beam generation in CTF
  • Study on precision alignment
  • Electron source (in collaboration with JRA on photo injector)
The charge of LTECNC is closely linked to the activities in the JRA PHIN on the photo-injector development as well as on the CLIC test facility CTF3 (CTF activity logbook available at CTFLOG) .
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8 août, 2006